About Company:

International Trading Company is a reputed trading company in the Middle East that has been founded in 2005 with the original aim of promoting a profitable and sustainable business as a distributor of plastic items. Our goal has been to provide the best service to our customers by providing traditional variety used for global & local market. Over the course of 10 years of experience becomes major distributor as a force to reckon with in a Middle East with establishing of new branches in Kuwait ((Shuwaikh , Jahra & Fahaheel)) to be closure to our customer & Subsidiary Co. in Qatar & Saudi Arabia.
International Co. is the market leader of providing premium quality of disposable items; we are committed to creativity, innovative &distribute high quality products which attracted our customer. We have been successful long term relationships with our customers and believe in sincerity, honesty and credibility which made us leader in the field of disposable products.
Our Mission & vision to achieve the Mark of Excellence with an extensive - support of all consumers' confidence – indeed being kept on BRAND "Innovative & create revolutionary designs, quality high class" we will look in to principle of excellence and brand to offer you the best products.

CEO Speech:

In 2005 Was established as small firm with very big ambition which made us preserve to learn all new and distinct techniques of disposable products, keen from the outset to cooperate with best and large suppliers to provide quality.
We are pleased today to share our customer this success, which increased our ambition to expand and succeed. international sole purpose is to be your partner for life, supporting you in delivering delightful experiences inspired by what people aspire to.
Company recognizes that development & prosperity lies in consolidating & deepens its relationship with the community which is final consumer Credibility, quality, innovation and service, definitely are the reason for our success.